Do Not Tell Me



For those who have suffered trauma.


Do Not Tell Me.


Do not tell me this is part of God’s plan.

Do not tell me God will make something good out of this.

Do not tell me God will not give me more than I can handle.

Do not tell me that it sucks and then change the subject.

Do not tell me that you don’t know why God would let this happen.

Do not try to convince me that there is a God, if I am doubtful.

Do not judge me for my doubt.

Do not be afraid of my tears.

Do not shy away from my pain.

Do not fear my suffering.

Do not try to understand that which you cannot comprehend.

Do not take on my pain, my grief, my loss, my anger.

Do not turn away.

Do not fear my pain.


Be with me.

Be here.

Be a witness.


That is all you need to do.



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